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Great Value

Our Commitment

Great Value

Timely warranted services performed professionally, and affordably. Breakthrough Handyman is the best value.

Timely Repair & Service

We can potentially show up today if needed.

Saving the Homeowner

We are the professional AFFORDABLE alternative to the expensive contractors.

Professional Appearance

The tech will come dressed to work with all the tools needed to complete the job.

Knowledge & Experience

Our handyman have years experience in the different handyman niches.

Show Up on Time

Your time is valuable, we will arrive as scheduled.

Who We Are

Breakthrough handyman services is your trusted and reliable source for home repairs and remodeling. In our decade plus of being full time real estate professionals, we have found a huge need in the handyman industry. There is no shortage of handy-people but there is a huge shortage of professional handy-people, who treat it like a truly PROFESSIONAL business!

We answered all of these needs in the industry. We can assist you with:
basic home repairs, remodeling, updates, upgrades, odds and ends, your “to-do” lists, so many items, too many to list here.